Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Everthing!

First off, HAPPY MONDAY! I started my day off right with getting dressed for Chapter meeting and singing and dancing in my bathroom to Florence + the Machine. Oh, and a Vanilla Soy Latte courtesy of the NUC Starbucks.

Second, HAPPY LAST DAY OF JANUARY! My love for Valentine's Day has begun. I have already decorated our apartment with pink and purple things and last night I watched "Letters to Juliet". I now want to go to Verona and write to Juliet and learn to speak Italian. I have always wanted to learn Italian, but now I want to learn it even more. Dove investire il tuo amore è dove si investe la tua vita.

"Dove investire il tuo amore è dove si investe la tua vita" means: Where you invest your love, you invest your life". If you don't already know, those are lyrics to "Awake my Soul" by Mumford and Sons. Which, is my favorite song of the week.

Third- HAPPY 40 DAYS UNTIL SPRING BREAK! At least, for those of us at UCO. For me, Spring break will be what I hope to be the most memorable expriences of college. I will be going to the Give Kids the World Village at Disney World. EEEEEKKKKK I can't wait. I CAN'T WAIT. Also, in 42 days I will be 22 and that much closer to graduation.

Which, leads me to the Fourth- HAPPY 96 DAYS UNTIL GRADUATION! Although we have a countdown going, it won't feel real until I am actually graduating I assume. It doesn't feel possible that I have spent 4 years in College already. Just for the record, when you are a senior in HS you think that when you go to College you will figure out your life purpose or career or something. Not everyone does this. 4 years later, 8 majors later, and 100 life plans later, I still don't know. And I'm not worried about it, if you were wondering. I've learned that no one has it figured out.

So I google imaged "life plan" and the above is what came up. Happy Life Plan to me.

HAPPY SNOWDAY EVE!! So tomorrow in Oklahoma we will supposedly be having a snow storm! I love the snow. Its so pretty, and peaceful. Just to be clear: I love the SNOW not the ICE that generally disguises itself as snow here. When it snows I am always reminded of my family vacation to Breckenridge one Christmas. My mom and I were standing in town by this Gazebo thing when it started snowing. We looked down at our jackets and found what we call "Real Snowflakes", or Snowflakes that are actually in a chrystalline structure. These real snowflakes don't fall here in the metro OKC we have noticed. But you better believe when it snows, I always look.

To end this post I just want to say, FELICE TUTTO!!!

Look it up.

Friday, January 28, 2011

What's with the title?

I am fairly certain that each time I have posted (or attempted at posting) on here I have changed the title of my blog. Each time I was in a different mood so each new title seemed to fit just perfectly. Then, the next time I began to write I would decide to change it again. Well folks, I have FINALLY decided on a name: "Paint my Life with Plaid". For those of you who really know me, you know that Plaid is my favorite color. Hence, the random plaid swatches throughout this post.
I guess I could use the plaid as some kind of description of my personality... or not. I mean, to me, there is no such thing as bad plaid. I kind of view the world that way. Everything has a purpose and a meaning, you just have to find it. There is no bad ending, just bad situations.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let the Countdown Begin.

Being that this is the 3rd week of the semester, I only have 13 more to go. I have 13 weeks to be accepted or denied grad school admission, to find a job, or to move home with my parents and figure it out later. My hopes are high for the first two but who knows.

My last class that I am taking as an undergrad is "Interior Design for Non-Majors" and of course I am beginning to wish I was an interior design major. I always do that...

I have started this new thing where I am going to decorate for every Holiday. Starting with Valentines Day. I think I am the only single person that loves this holiday. For some reason, I just love all the love in the air during this time.

Anyway, I had lunch at YHS with my mom today and I got there right at the end of one of her classes: the Marriage class. In high school I took this class because I needed an elective and I thought it would be interesting. I only remember one assignment that we did: Planning our own wedding. Being the crafty person that I am, I decorated mine all pretty with Wedding and Love themed stickers. But that is beside the point, I am trying to get at the fact that while I remember hating that assignment, my mom remembered that I hated it too. I set my wedding date as April 12, 2012. That's next year. I guess as a junior in high school I had high hopes for gettin hitched early on. Or maybe as a junior in high school, being 23 was old. I'm not sure what my intentions were but it is definitely funny to think that everything I thought would be happening in my life right now isn't.

Not that I'm unhappy by any means-I love the way I have turned out. But it is weird to compare what I wanted in high scool and what I want now out of life. I used to want to get marriend and have kids and be a teacher. Now, I just want to be content with what I have. I used to long for those things, and to be a "grown up". I'm not saying that I don't want those things ever but at the age that I guess I should be a "grown up" I still don't feel that way. That's fine.

Well boys and girls, what did we learn from today's lesson? (just practicing my almost teacher voice) The answer is simple. We can plan our lives out up until the day we are going to die, but life isn't just about decisions and goals. It's just about living. And that my friends, is what I am happy doing.